Statement from Interim President Taylor Reveley

    p. Law School Dean Taylor Reveley, who has been named the College’s interim president, released the following statement Tuesday to The Flat Hat.

    p. This is a difficult time of transition for William and Mary. Though not a mission I sought, I will serve this marvelous College as best I can. Listening and learning will be crucial for me in the weeks to come. I look forward to meeting with the College’s extraordinary faculty and students, its deeply committed staff, and its stalwart alumni. Vitally important to the continued progress of William and Mary is our commitment to the College as a place for students, faculty and staff of great diversity. Important also are the College’s welcome and support for students regardless of means. It matters too that the College is a place increasingly open to the world. And William and Mary’s historic commitment to the civic involvement of its people is central to our identity. These are College values of great importance. They are also my values.


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