Hollywood Gossip (Feb. 15)

    **A ‘Jefferson’ wedding**
    Who says age matters? Gary Coleman, 40, let it slip this week that he’s been secretly married to 22-year-old Shannon Price for months. The couple wed in a small ceremony in August, accompanied by just a minister … and a preacher. Oh right, and a photographer, videographer and the all-important helicopter pilot. Sure sounds like a private affair. We wish the former child star the best in his romance — and hope his parents don’t step in and steal his wife, too.

    p. **Under his umbrella, ella, ella**
    Jay-Z’s got 99 problems and, this time, a bitch is one. There are always people talking, and this time they claim Jay wants the best of both worlds — money, crack and two hoes: current girlfriend Beyonce and heartbreaker Rihanna. The two shared an awkward moment when she tried to hold his hand at the Grammys, right in front of Beyonce. The big pimpin’ rapper maintains that he’s crazy in love with his current girl and there ain’t no other one.

    p. **Lost in translation**
    Scarlett Johansson’s beau, Ryan Reynolds, who was previously engaged to Alanis Morissette, plans to propose. According to her, he got the wrong scoop: Though the couple is more than just friends, right now marriage is no more than a maybe for the starlet, who has expressed that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. Could be that she’s just not that into him, but we’ve heard she’d go down on him in a theater.

    p. **A farmer’s life for Lenny?**
    Always on the run from the paparazzi, Lenny Kravitz nearly dropped it all for a life of simplicity. After spending four months living on a farm in Brazil, he considered making it his permanent home. With seldom a moment to breathe in his high-paced, Grammy-winning American life, the opportunity to fly away held much allure. Still, he ultimately chose the life of a million-dollar-a-gig rock star.


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