CANS showcases student films

    “Juno,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Napoleon Dynamite” — all independent films that stand apart from the mainstream Hollywood romantic comedies and action movies. Today, College students will get their own time to shine in the WM Film Club’s sixth annual W&M CANS Film Festival.

    p. From 7 to 10 p.m. in Tucker theater, the film club will have its own version of the famous Cannes Film Festival, a prestigious screening of international independent films.

    p. “Its main purpose is to liven up interest in independent films on campus and across the state,” film club’s president Charles Hixon ’11 said “The films have to be under 30 minutes, and they’re completely open.”

    p. Within this time limitation, filmmakers are free to find their own inspiration. This year’s entries come from the College, University of Virginia, James Madison University and Washington and Lee University.

    p. “We judge the films on character development, camera work and the story line, which is pretty key,” Hixon said. This year’s panel of judges comprises Troy Davis, director of Swem’s Library’s Media Center, Film Studies Professor Sharon Zuber and Terry Lindvall. “We’re pretty excited to have Terry Lindvall as a judge,” Hixon said. “He’s a former president of Regent University and was a professor of film. He’s written six books and has made four independent films.” Hixon invited Lindvall based on his father’s friendship with him.

    p. The club will also award cash prizes: First place is awarded $200, second place $100 and third place $50. There is also a $50 award to the audience-selected favorite. The club plans to donate the submission fees for the contest, but has yet to choose a recipient organization. The club will most likely choose a film-related group.

    p. Most of the films submitted revolve around the typical life of a student. “Most films center around some aspect of college because we’re here so it’s the easiest to make,” said Hixon, who had his own production company in high school. “One movie I’m looking forward to is about college life: partying, going out with a girlfriend.”

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