In short meeting, SA passes one bill

    p. The Student Assembly unanimously passed the Full Disclosure Act and nominated Senator Walter McClean ’09 as interim chairman during Tuesday’s meeting.

    p. The senate chair position was vacant because former Senate Chairman Matt Beato ’09 resigned earlier this week in order to campaign for election to the Williamsburg City Council. Matt Pinsker ’09 was sworn in to replace Beato as a senator for the class of 2009.

    p. The Full Disclosure Act, sponsored by Sen. Brittany Fallon ’11, requires groups applying for funding from the SA to disclose other sources of funding to the finance committee. Fallon said that the Honor Code sufficiently enforced the policy.

    p. McClean and Senator Michael Douglass ’11 presented the Save-a-Professor Act as new business. The bill proposes a referendum to students on whether the annual fee to fund the Save-a-Professor program should be raised from $5 to $7. Through the program, a College professor is selected each year to receive a $30,000 bonus over three years.

    p. Sen. Caroline Mullis ’09 introduced a referendum on condoms that she wrote during the meeting. She said that details would be forthcoming.

    p. Secretary of Finance Andrew Blasi ’10 gave a final finance update and said that the activities fund is roughly $3,000 under its proposed monthly spending rate.


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