Pablo leaves impressions

    __Comedian Pablo Francisco flavors routine with Latin spice__

    p. Next Tuesday, UCAB’s Comedy Committee will welcome comedian Pablo Francisco to Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall at 8 p.m.

    p. “I’m a little worried [because] the event is on a Tuesday, but hopefully his popularity and fan-base will get people to come out,” UCAB Comedy Committee member Dawson Lindauere ’10 said.

    p. According to Lindauere, the committee viewed videos of Francisco’s sets online before deciding to invite the comedian. “We created a list of comedians we would like to see on campus,” he said.

    p. Francisco was originally one of the committee’s top choices; according to Lindauere his schedule fit best with UCAB’s availability.

    p. “His impressions are always hilarious no matter how often you hear them,” he said. “Students will really like his show.”

    p. On his website, the thirty-four-year-old Chilean-American comedian cites Johnny Carson and David Letterman as his strongest influences, though he is best known for his Latin-themed humor.

    p. “It’s hard to describe myself,” Francisco is quoted as saying on “People ask, ‘Well, are you like Tim Allen, the tool guy, or are you like Roseanne Barr, the pissed-off housewife?’ I’m basically a universal comic. I try to be for everybody.”

    p. Since 2002, Francisco has appeared on MadTV, Comedy Central and Mind of Mencia. These appearances and his two stand-up performances on DVD have increased his popularity.

    p. “We thought he would be best for campus,” Lindauere said. “Pablo is on the same level of fame as B.J. Novak. He is similar to Tracy Morgan, but he will appeal more to our campus.”

    p. Though some are concerned that more culturally based material may not be relevant to some students, Lindauere thinks that, with the right attitude, anyone can find humor in it.

    p. “As with every comedian that comes to campus, you should go in with an open mind,” he said.

    p. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 or $12 at PBK on the day of the show. For more ticket information, check


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