Breaking News: Hopkins wins SA election in a landslide; Green Fee referendum passed

    The Flat Hat learned from the Student Assembly Elections Commission that incumbents Valerie Hopkins ’09 and Zach Pilchen ’09 won the SA presidential election with 70 percent of the student vote. Challengers Adam Rosen ’09 and Emily Nuñez ’09 received 25 percent of the vote.

    **Referendum results**
    The Green Fee referendum passed with 85 percent.
    Police Department Behavior passed with 55 percent.
    Save-a-Professor passed with 83 percent.

    Results from the HBO Referendum:
    Do NOT support an HBO fee or reducing funding of the Campus Movie Channel received 35 percent.
    Support HBO fee and reducing funding of the Campus Movie Channel received 22 percent.
    Support reducing funding for the Campus Movie Channel received 17 percent.
    Support HBO fee for on-campus students received 11 percent.

    The Graduate School Senate Referendum:
    Appointment won with 53 percent.

    **Senate results**

    Class of 2009

    Matt Beato 81.05%
    Walter McClean 73.16%
    Caroline Mullis 69.47%
    Matt Pinsker 53.95%

    Class of 2010

    Ross Gillingham 66.55%
    Sarah Rojas 52.80%
    Steven Nelson 52.44%
    Ryan Eickel 41.59%

    Class of 2011

    Michael Douglass 50.99%
    Brittany Fallon 48.71%
    Ben Brown 43.68%
    Mike Tsidulko 43.23%

    **Rosen speaks with The Flat Hat about Hopkins’s win**

    “We got a great amount of momentum, and we ran a great race. We got a considerable amount of the vote. There are clearly differing opinions on campus, and this shows that the voices of many students still haven’t been heard,” he said. “We ran a great race for two transfer students up against incumbents.”

    Rosen added that he and running mate Nuñez “absolutely met expectations” and that the results were “not a blowout.”

    Check The Flat Hat and for continuing updates to this developing story.


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