Murder in the Tidewater

    UCAB comedy and special events committees are bringing back the Murder Mystery Dinner, featuring an Italian-style meal catered by Sal’s and a performance by the Murder Upon Request Theatre Company tonight at 7 p.m. in UC Tidewater.

    p. According to UCAB Comedy Chair Annie Hughes ’08, last year’s show sold out, garnering a very positive response from students. The success of the show prompted UCAB to invite the troupe back for a second performance.

    p. “The troupe loved our audience and were thrilled to be asked back,” Hughes said.

    p. The troupe’s shows involve a great deal of improvisation and are centered around a certain theme. Last year’s show featured an American Idol theme, where audience members were pulled on stage and asked to participate in a musical talent show.

    p. The remaining plot is almost entirely improvised, but always centers around the murder of an audience member. Hints will be dropped through the show suggesting that multiple parties have the necessary motive for the crime.

    p. The plot of this year’s show will involve a catering company that has just revealed its newest menu. While the plot will be center around kitchen work and servers’ antics, the action is set to begin when audience members are pulled onstage to taste various entrees.

    p. “It is a different show than the one we had last year, but with the same murder mystery premise,” Hughes said.

    p. The twist in this year’s show will involve the poisoning of a blowfish entrée, leading to paralysis and then the death of an audience member.

    p. UCAB Special Events Chair Amy Dickstein ’08 said that the audience-interactive aspect is central to the show’s comedy.
    “Audience participation is crucial in solving the murder mystery that the performers set up,” Dickstein said. “Simultaneous to the solving of the show’s mystery are some guaranteed laughs.”
    One of the draws of the show is the food.

    p. “It’s something different,” Marissa Bonhonne ’10, a student who plans to attend the show, said, “There’s food involved, which is always good.”

    p. The theater group, Murder Upon Request, specializes in performing for small groups and events, creating shows that range in theme from the old West — featuring a saloon full of gunslingers and parlor girls — to a meeting of mob bosses in the spirit of the ‘Godfather’ movies. They also produces shows specific to certain events.

    p. Sal’s will prepare both chicken parmesan and a vegetarian pasta option for the meal. Tickets will be available for only $10.


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