Campus Police Beat – March 18-24

Tuesday, March 18 — A student reported her registered bike stolen from either the UC Terrace or Spotswood Hall in the Botetourt Complex at 2 p.m. The student was unsure if the bike was locked. Its estimated value is $400.

Thursday, March 20 — A student reported that his bike was stolen from the bike rack behind Unit A at 7 p.m. Its estimated value is $160.

Friday, March 21 — A student was arrested for being drunk in public at the UC at 2:30 p.m. The student was arrested for underage possession of alcohol.

— Six Students from James Blair High School were caught playing in a gated area of an old hospital. The police were notified when a bus driver called the station. The students were escorted off the premises.

Saturday, March 22 — An officer discovered a van with a smashed window off of Ukrop Way by the Commons.

— A student reported that her laptop was stolen from Monroe Hall between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Its estimated value is $1,800.

Sunday, March 23 — A student reported that his car was vandalized outside of the units. The car was keyed and a side-view mirror smashed. The estimated damage to the vehicle is $300.

Monday, March 24 — A visiting sister of a student reported that her wallet was stolen from the units Saturday night. Its estimated value is $160.

— A ping-pong ball dispensing machine and its contents were stolen from the Bryan Complex. The estimated value of both the container and the ping-pong balls is $325.


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