This Week in Flat Hat History (April 1)


The first official flight for the William and Mary Gilder Club took place at the Williamsburg Fair Grounds. Mr. Golf, a test pilot from Langley Field, was present at the inaugural flight to assist members of the club in gliding.


A new trend became popular on campuses nationwide — banana peel smoking. Students started smoking peels in the quest to find a legal alternative to marijuana.


Poor maintenance practices were believed to be the source of many problems for the Crim Dell. A professor from the biology department, Carl Vermulen, studied the lake and found that approximately 20 tons of sediment were washed into the lake annually, and that high phosphate levels in the water caused algae blooms which killed off plant and animal life, also causing the area to smell in the summer months.


Comedian Eddie Murphy performed to a sell-out crowd at William and Mary Hall. The 23 year-old spent an hour and a half on stage discussing the finer points of sex, drugs and rock and roll. While Murphy gave an outrageous and often shocking performance, it was noted that his act had been softened for the mostly white audience at the Hall.


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