Police pursue student

Williamsburg City police officers interrupted a microeconomics exam yesterday morning in a search to find Andrew Seve ’10.

“About maybe halfway through the exam, a lady comes in and asked [for] Andrew Seve,” Christian Dutilh ’11, who was also taking the exam at the time, said. “He’s wasn’t in class, so he didn’t come up.”

Williamsburg police allegedly entered about five minutes later and asked the professor if they could do a facial survey of all the students to make sure that Seve was not in the room. Police then proceeded to match the students with a computer printout of Seve’s face that was in their possession.
“Everybody was sort of confused, but sort of worried at the same time,” Jenice Lacks ’11, one of the students in the class, said. “It was awkward, but also random.”

Both Lacks and Dutilh reported having a sense of anxiety over what Seve could have done to warrant the police search.

“I was kind of worried with all the different stuff that’s been going on at the College,” Lacks said.

Dutilh said that most of the students were fairly confused.

“Everybody in the class was kind of shaken up and looking around [thinking] what possibly could this kid have done?” Dutilh said.

Seve was spotted yesterday in Lodge 1 around 7 p.m. playing as part of a Homebrew act. A student who asked to remain anonymous said that he heard rumors that police were looking for Seve, and notified police that he was in the premises. Police arrived shortly after, but Seve had apparently left Lodge 1 by the time the police had arrived on the scene.

According to two friends in the audience who claimed to be good friends of Seve’s, he was planning on talking to police immediately after the show last night.

The reasons for the classroom search remain unknown. College Police Chief Don Challis could not be reached for comment.

**UPDATE – Friday, April 4, 3:30 p.m.**

As of Friday afternoon, police officers had not apprehended Seve and are asking anyone with information on the case to let them know.

**UPDATE – Sunday, April 6, 4:30 p.m.**

Seve turned himself in late Friday afternoon, Lieutenant Greg Riley of the Williamsburg City Police Department has confirmed. Seve is under suspicion for a traffic related offense and not for anything related to violence or drugs. Riley is unable to release more information at this time.

See the article Details released in Seve case for further developments.


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