Details released in Seve case

Andrew Seve turned himself in to police late Friday afternoon. He was wanted on charges of false identity and driving on a suspended license, Williamsburg Deputy Police Chief Dave Sloggie revealed.

The incident took place at the 100 block of Griffin Ave., near Jamestown Road, at 3:05 A.M. on March 30. Seve abandoned his vehicle and ran away from police when they told him that he could be taken into custody for identity charges.

Last week, several attempts were made to apprehend Seve. The first took place Wednesday night at the Wren 10 performance of the Stairwells, an a capella group of which Seve is a part. Although police attempted to block off the exits, they were unable to apprehend Seve.

On Thursday, police entered Seve’s economics class during an exam and compared mugshots to students in an attempt to identify Seve, who was not in class that day. That night, police also showed up to a UCAB Homebrew event at which Seve was performing, but he had left the stage by the time they arrived.

Sloggie said that since Seve was evading police, these actions were necessary to enforce the law.

“I would not hesitate, in this case where he was taking off running from us, to go to all of his classes,” Sloggie said.

However, Sloggie said that he did not consider Seve a threat to anyone.

**UPDATE – Tuesday, April 8, 10:00 p.m.**

Brian Whitson of University Relations responded for the College about the handling of Seve’s case.

“This is not typically how these kinds of cases are handled,” Whitson said. “Generally, if a student was wanted on a warrant from another jurisdiction our own police (W&M Police) would serve it and do it as discreetly as possible.”

Whitson added that there would be discussion about what is appropriate in an unusual situation such as this.

“We understand why some might be concerned by the disruption in class, especially during a test,” he said. “I think it’s something [we] will discuss because we do want to make sure there is minimal disruption to the classroom where possible.”

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