Campus Police Beat (April 1 – April 8)

**Tuesday, April 1**

—A student reported damage to his car, which was parked outside Swem. The estimated damage is $500.

— A student living in the Bryan Complex reported that someone had accessed her Facebook and Gmail accounts, changed the passwords and posted comments on the Facebook account.

**Wednesday, April 2**
— A 22-year-old non-student was arrested off Richmond Road for allegedly driving under the influence and refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test.

— A student reported that his laptop was stolen from Morton Hall. Its estimated value is $1,500.

— A 22-year-old student was arrested for allegedly being drunk in public near the Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre.

— A student reported her green Diamondback Outlaw bike was stolen from outside the Wren Building. Its estimated value is $50.

**Friday, April 4**

— An Aramark employee reported seeing two subjects in the refrigerator of the Commons after hours. Police officers searched the entire building, but the subjects were not found. It is unknown if any items are missing.

— A student reported his watch was stolen from his vehicle parked outside of Swem. Its estimated value is $3,650.
Saturday, April 5 — A witness reported that two fire extinguishers were thrown out of a car as it drove by Mama Mia’s restaurant. Only one fire extinguisher was recovered. It was verified as property of the College, stolen from the Campus Center. The estimated value of both extinguishers is $150.


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