Campus Police Beat (April 8 to April 13)

**Tuesday, April 8** — A police officer found red glass in the parking lot on N. Boundary Street. The glass was collected as evidence and will be held in case someone decides to report an incident.
**Wednesday, April 9** — A professor reported the theft of test papers from Millington, room 17. The papers were being held as evidence of cheating.

— A non-student reported that unknown individuals broke into her vehicle while it was parked at the Law Library April 7. The individual stated that legal documents and an object worth $60 were stolen.

**Thursday, April 10** — Staff at the Commons reported that there was an individual in the building after closing time. An officer was dispatched and the building was secured.

— A caller from William and Mary Hall reported that a computer was taken from the sports information office. Its estimated value is $1,500.

— Two students reported that a laptop and an iPod were stolen from their SUV while it was parked on Harrison Ave. The students reported that the vehicle was unlocked. The total estimated value of the items is $1,350.

**Saturday, April 12** — A 20-year-old male student was arrested on the 300 block of Richmond Rd. for allegedly being drunk in public.

— A parent called about an e-mail that was sent to his or her daughter. The parent was concerned about the subject matter of the e-mail and the writer’s state of mind. The student who received the e-mail later came to police with further information about the case and asked to speak with an officer.

— A 19-year-old male student was arrested at the intersection of Richmond Road and Armistead Avenue for allegedly driving under the influence.

— An individual reported that he or she saw four to five individuals leaving the basement at the business school construction site. Three students, a 20-year-old male and two 18-year-old females, were arrested for allegedly trespassing.

**Sunday, April 13** — An RA from Barrett Hall reported that the exit sign on the second floor had been ripped off. Facilities maintenance was called to repair the exposed live wires. The estimated damage is $200.


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