School of Business team wins runner-up in CFA challenge

Five undergraduate students from the Mason School of Business were part of a team that won runner-up at the inaugural CFA Virginia Investment Research Challenge, according to a press release. Kate Olsen ’09, Caleb Piatt ’09, Tyler Ewell ’08, Javier Oreamuno ’08 and James Garber ’08 comprised the Mason team. The competition was held April 10 in Richmond.

The competition is run by the Richmond Society of Certified Financial Analysts and seeks to provide students with a solid learning experience and exposure to the world of investments.

“I commend the students, in particular, for adding this commitment to their course and other activities and for doing so very well. This challenge presented them with a wonderful opportunity to have a valuable experience, interact with professionals in the field, and perform at a very high level,” business school Dean Lawrence B. Pulley ’74 said.


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