This Week in Flat Hat History (April 25)


The penitentiary created a new position called the Director of Education. The person appointed worked closely with the College to ensure the continued education for the penitentiary’s convicts in reading, writing, and mathematics.


College President John Stuart Bryan, who helped reduce the College’s debt, resigned his post because of business pressures due to World War II. The current governor of Virginia appointed Bryan the head of the United Service Organizations Campaign for the state.


Students planning to live on campus for the 1965-1966 school year had to pay their room deposit fee to the treasurer-auditor by May 1. The price of the deposit: $25.


During Spring Registration, the registrar withdrew the preregistration sheets of all students with “holds” on their accounts from unpaid bills, leaving 159 students without classes for the next semester. Usually students who owed money were informed of the hold on their accounts before registration, but a change in school policy confused the registrar’s office so none of the students were informed prior to registration.


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