Sadler bids farewell on final day of 41-year career

    Today, Monday, June 30, was the final day of the 41-year career of Vice President of Student Affairs Sam Sadler ’64 M.Ed. ’71. This afternoon he sent a final message to students via e-mail. Following is the message in its entirety.



    It is hard for me believe that June 30 has arrived so quickly. Tomorrow, for the first time in 41 years I will no longer be a member of the staff at the College. That doesn’t mean, however, that William and Mary and all of you will cease to be in my heart or that I will be very far away. After all, my wife and I are remaining in Williamsburg and we only live two blocks from the campus, so you may just see us from time-to-time. For my part, I will look forward to that.

    On this last day as Vice President I want to simply say ‘thank you.’ Thank you for the inspiration you have given me. Thank you for your many kindnesses, especially this semester following my surgery and recently on the eve of my retirement. Thank you for the depth of your friendship and for your support. I am privileged to have shared this time at William and Mary with you.

    Just before Commencement I reminded an audience that I had told each of the entering classes in recent years that ultimately what makes William and Mary such a special place is the people you meet here and the strength of community we enjoy. That has proven to be so true for me and I hope it is the case for you as well. Being at the College as a student and as a staff member has been transforming for me. I trust it will be for you and hope you will always love it as much as I have.

    Thank you for allowing me to walk with you for a while on your William and Mary journey. Best wishes for success and much happiness in the future – and one last time, GO TRIBE!

    Sam Sadler


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