Governor appoints 3 new BOV members; new members skew Democratic

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine announced today three new appointees to the Board of Visitors: Colin G. Campbell, Timothy P. Dunn ’83 and Robert E. Scott J.D. ’68. All three have a history of donating to Democrats.

They replace Joseph Plumeri II ’66 and Jeffrey McWaters, whose terms have expired, and Robert A. Blair ’68, who resigned this spring over the resignation of former College President Gene Nichol.

As well, Kaine reappointed Philip Herget and Janet Brashear ’82 to second four-year terms.

BOV Rector Michael Powell ’85 was pleased with the three appointees.

“Colin Campbell is well known to us and further strengthens our ties to our local community. Tim [Dunn] is a long and faithful supporter who will bring invaluable experience in tackling our future financial challenges. And Robert [Scott] brings academic and legal experience to our ranks,” Powell said in a press release.

Campbell has served as the president and CEO of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for the past eight years. He is also currently a trustee of the Mason School of Business.

Campbell has a history of donating to Democratic politicians, although he has donated large amounts of money to Republican Va. State Senator Thomas Norment. Below is his donation history, obtained through and


$2,300 to presidential candidate Barack Obama (D), 2008
$2,000 to Forward Together PAC (D), between 2005-2006
$4,700 to State Senator Thomas Norment (R), between 2001-2007
$1,000 to Mark Warner (D), 2001
$1,000 to Warner Inaugural Committee (D), 2002
Democrats: 57.3 percent
Republicans: 42.7 percent


Dunn is the senior vice president of Capital Research Global Investors, a venture capital firm. He is a member of the Fauquier County Democratic Committee. Dunn has remained active at William and Mary since his graduation 25 years ago. He served on the National Campaign Committee for the recent $500-million Campaign for William and Mary. He is a member of the Reves Center for International Studies’ International Advisory Committee and is the co-chair of the Class of 1983 25th Reunion Gift Committee. He has a son attending the College, Ryan Dunn ’10.

Dunn has always donated to Democratic politicians. He’s also a big donator; to date he has given more than $74,000 to Democrats and more than $54,000 to Kaine, who appointed him to the Board. Below is his donation record[1].


$2,300 to Barack Obama (D), 2008
$200 to Mark Warner (D), 2008
$1,000 to Mike Turner (D), 2008
$200 to Chapman Petersen (D), 2007
$575 to the Kaine Inaugural Committee (D), 2006
$54,622 to Tim Kaine (D), between 2002 and 2005
$1,000 to the Fauquier Country Democrats (D), 2005
$500 to Bill Nelson (D), 2005
$6,000 to John Kerry (D), 2004
$500 to Ken Salazar (D), 2004
$5,250 to Mark Warner (D), 2001
$1,250 to Tim Kaine (for Lt. Gov) (D), 2001
$220 to Peter Schwartz (D), 2001
$1,000 to Al Gore (D), 2000
Democrats: 100 percent
Republicans: 0 percent


Scott is a professor law at Columbia University. During his time at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law, Scott served as editor-in-chief of the William and Mary Law Review. He has taught at the College and the University of Virginia. Scott’s specialization is contracts, commercial transactions and bankruptcy.

Scott has similarly donated entirely to Democrats. Below is his donation record.


$1,000 to presidential candidate Barack Obama (D), 2008
$2,000 to John Kerry (D), 2004
$250 to Ga. congressional candidate David Worley (D), 2002
$250 to Delegate Mitchell Van Yahres (D), 2001
Democrats: 100 percent
Republicans: 0 percent


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fn1. __This paragraph and the subsequent donation record have been corrected. The paragraph originally identified Dunn as Campbell, and the donation record was incorrect. The current version, as of 11 August 2008, is correct.__


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