Staff Editorial: Orientation aids freshmen

Arriving at college marks the end of an era for most high schoolers. Parents unload the last boxes from the minivan and exit stage right, not to appear again until Thanksgiving, or at least Family Weekend. And then the enormity of it all sets in: This is college. What does that even mean?

Luckily, the College’s top-notch orientation program gives incoming freshmen the tools they need to make sense of it all. While many universities conduct orientation throughout the summer and then throw freshmen into the deep end when they arrive, the College’s approach ensures a smooth transition.

A good design, coupled with outstanding orientation aides, makes the program as useful as it is fun. The comprehensive approach allows freshmen to engage themselves both academically and socially from the day they arrive. Every year, candidates for the OA spots face stiff competition — a testament to their enthusiasm for the job and its popularity.

At times, the schedule might seem exhausting, but all those mixers and hall events create a sense of unity that cannot be found in a randomly selected summer group. In the coming weeks, those hallmates will be there to help out. After all, that’s part of the college experience.


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