The ambience of Brian Eno

Brian Eno, the “Father of Ambient Music” is a name in music news as of late due to two recent projects.

In August, Eno collaborated with David Byrne of the Talking Heads to produce “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today,” an album the duo describes as “electronic gospel.”

“Stange Overtones” from “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today:”

Also, Brian Eno has collaborated with Maxis to provide the soundtrack for their masterpiece, “Spore,” which was released September 7th. “Spore’s” main draw is that the animations and narratives in the game are procedurally generated, and so Eno created a soundtrack as procedural as the game.

Eno’s work in the game is made up of fragments of sounds that are combined to create the soundtrack with so many possibilities that the same composition will never be heard twice.

Eno’s music in “Spore:”


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