Notes from the quiz master

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen of the ‘series of tubes’ that henceforth shall be referred to as ‘the interwebs.’

My name is Jeff Dailey, your humble servant, quizmaster-at-large, DJ and author of lists.

For this blog post, and many that shall follow, I have decided to post the “Top10” lists which I formulate for my show “Top 10 Records,” which airs every Saturday at 3pm.

The point of my show is fairly simple. For a myriad of topics (birds, pizza, running) and ambiguous themes (love, irony, indigestion) I create a list of 10 related songs in my head, which I then blast over the airwaves and interwaves (the radiowaves of the internets) to your gaping maws … or whatever your ears can be called … since maw primarily refers to mouths …I digress … Hopefully you’ll enjoy these lists that I labor over (you sadistically) and then try and catch my show (Saturdays at 3pm) or come to Trivia Night at The Meridian Coffeehouse on South Boundary St. (every Monday at 9PM).

Tschüss, Cheers and Beers!

The Top 30 You Missed This Summer (A List of Songs)

Kim & Jessi – M83
Fools – The Dodos
The Royal Family – Free Blood
Everybody Here is a Cloud – Cloud Cult
Lights Out – Santogold
Your New Twin Sized Bed – Death Cab For Cutie
Alligator Skin (Jumbler) – Tily & The Wall
999 Buttons – Back Ted-N-Ted
My Only Offer – Mates of State
Scratch the Surface – The Week That Was
Handlebars – Flobots
Niger River – Martha Wainwright
Forever She’ll Be My Surfer Girl – Brian Wilson
Give It a Night – Bella
Constructive Summer – Hold Steady
Greenlight – John Legend ft Andre ‘Ice-Cold’ 3000
Here, It Never Snowed, Afterwards It Did – The Twilight Sad
Sausalito – Conor Oberst
The Pilgrim’s Last Stand – The Boy Bathing
Hold Music – Architecture in Helsinki
Promises – Boy Kill Boy
I Will Possess Your Heart – Death Cab For Cutie
Wonder – Willoughby
Hurry Up & Wait – Jango Monkey
California Breezes – David Vandervelde
Paper Float – Cassettes Won’t Listen
Nothing’s Gonna Change – Freddie Stevenson
Waiting For a War – The Morning Benders
We Are Running – HelloTokyo
The Woods — Cartridge


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