Move over, Queen Elizabeth; Al Roker is here

“You look like George Washington,” shouted an on-looker as NBC’s ‘Today Show’ weatherman Al Roker, dressed in colonial costume, greeted the crowd just before climbing into a horse-drawn carriage.

“The Today Show” broadcasted live from Williamsburg this morning as part of a series on battleground states in the 2008 presidential election. Roker talked with the banner-waving, slogan-chanting crowd of seven hundred about national issues such as the economy and foreign policy.

Further down Duke of Gloucester Street, ‘Today Show’ co-host Matt Lauer broke down Virginia’s voting demographics with political analysts in the capital building. Virginia, worth 13 electoral college votes, could decide the presidential election in August.

The show also featured Williamsburg colonial attractions including a fife and drum band and basket weaving. Roker filmed a food showcase of the King’s Arms Tavern for the show’s final segment. College of William and Mary Board of Visitors member Colin Campbell, the president of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, said that Williamsburg, where the American revolution began, is still important today.

The colonial city shared the spotlight with many College students making an early morning trek to into the colonial era. Though some students donned their green and gold, most preferred to make political statements.

“We are here to show McCain pride,” John Michael ’12, a member of the College Republicans, said. “Virginia is going red this year.”

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama answered with cries of “Yes we can” as cameras panned out to capture a crowd as divided as the state of Virginia.

“The Today Show” filmed in Tampa, Fla., yesterday and will broadcast in part from Detroit, Mich., tomorrow morning.


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