A sex survey of sorts

I am of the opinion that W&M students don’t think about sex enough. So here are some questions to get your train on the thought on the right track:

1) What time of day do you most think about sex?

2) If given the choice, how often would you have sex?

3) Do you think
wondering about other people’s sex lives (celebrities, family members, friends) is gross/intrusive/wrong?

4) How often do you stifle sexual thoughts because (a) the timing is inopportune or (b) your impulses disgust you?

5) What clothing article (excluding undergarments) turns you on?

6) If you had to describe your style in bed, what animal would you use to represent yourself?

7) How much about your sex life do you think it’s O.K. to share with friends?

Love and dirty thoughts!


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