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What’s up, Rundown listeners?

Sorry we don’t have a more creative name for fans of The Rundown (yet), but we’re still waiting on that special comment from you guys giving us some options. In the meantime, here’s some of the best blogging the interwebs has to offer.

This being part II of The Rundown’s blog, we’ve decided to highlight some of the best part IIs in recent pop culture history. As I find myself saying so often, let’s start with P. Diddy. ”I need a Girl Part II”
definitely trounces ”I need a Girl Part I.”

If you disagree, let your voice be heard in the comments section. As a warning, if you disagree, you also happen to be dead wrong. Putting the better beat aside, the Part II video also crushes Part I. Allow me to present a simple mathematical law:

Diddy dancing like a jackass in front of nice cars > Diddy dancing like jackass with Usher

Here’s a fun fact that you may not have known: The Rundown hosts were actually extras in the “I Need a Girl Part II” video as Diddy Bro #5 and #6, respectively. Unfortunately, we can’t say any more about it since we’re still embroiled in litigation over why our main scenes were cut out. But for right now, I think if you look closely, you can see Jeff at 3:26 wearing sunglasses over Diddy’s right shoulder. Maybe.

Let’s move on to some movies. You can’t talk about superior movie sequels and not talk about ”The Godfather Part II.” We’ll give the first one its dues, but this one definitely finds a way to top it. And plus, here we see what is arguably Pacino’s finest work, if you don’t include Gigli. Oh yes my friends, Al Pacino was in Gigli.

Speaking of great movie roles, let’s talk about one role that launched a flurry of great roles: ”Arnold” in T2: Judgment Day. In addition to being a better sequel, it also happens to be the continuation of one of comedy’s greatest gifts: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting career. Unlike Pacino, it’s difficult to pinpoint Arnold’s finest work. Was it ”Junior”? Or perhaps ”Twins”? Maybe ”Kindergarten Cop”? But then how can you overlook ”Commando”? Or deny the pure genius that is “Predator”?

My head is starting to hurt over all this Austrian muscle; I’m starting to think picking your favorite Arnold role is picking a favorite child.

We’re going to have to put a stop to all this part II business, as it’s starting to spiral out of control. If you know of a better part II not listed here, or have a bone to pick with one that is, don’t just dismiss it and hold a secret grudge against us; comment about it.

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That’s it. Be sure to join us once again this Tuesday from 8-10pm. Thanks for reading.


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