Sex and violence

Sex addicts,

You may find this hard to believe but I do not spend all of my time thinking about sex.

Today, I have been preoccupied with the threat of violence at the Sadler Center. I’m the sex columnist, so I won’t give you my opinion on the whole ordeal, but I thought we could explore the relationship between sex and violence.

My mother once told me that the differences between people are not qualitative, but quantitative. When relating this to sex and violence, this suggests that everyone likes at least a little S&M. To what extent, is a different story. While some may enjoy a partner playfully nibbling at their nipples, others may prefer being tied up upside down with a rope between their testicles cutting off the circulation.

With that in mind, it is logical to see that people who we may deem ‘sexual deviants’ just enjoy different quantities of certain sexual elements.

Hopefully seeing these people in this light can help us to understand (rather than ridicule) their preferences.

As always, however, consent is of utmost importance and necessity. I support any of my readers fully if they want to anally penetrate their partner, who is tied to a table, with a foreign object, but the second the other person says “poodle” (or whatever the safe word is), all activity must stop.

Love (in any way, shape or form),



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