Staff Editorial: In our opinion…

After receiving a D- for environmental sustainability last year, the College of William and Mary had nowhere to go but up; we’re pleased to see that it did so, receiving a C grade from the Sustainable Endowments Institute this week.

Much of the credit belongs to the Student Environmental Action Coalition, whose wide ranging efforts throughout campus — including in dining halls, academic buildings and dormitories — have made this green and gold campus a bit greener. College President Taylor Reveley also deserves some kudos after he laid out a practical plan for campus sustainability. However, other offices in the College need to get their act together: Once again, the College received a failing grade for endowment transparency.
Like most College students, we’re still not happy with a C. Let’s do our homework and make sure to bring home a better grade next year.

We’re happy to see an energetic Senior Class Gift Committee raising much-needed funds for the College. With an ever-shrinking state budget and a sub-par endowment, private donations are now more essential than ever for the College’s future.

Seniors should not hesitate to give at least $109 — the senior circle level — if possible. It can go toward any College department or student group you desire, and you can bestow your gift in honor of a favorite professor. Oh, and it gets you into exclusive wine and cheese gatherings.

Not a bad deal at all.


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