Drill, baby, drill

My Facebook argument against my liberal friend continues …

Do you want to know who’s really standing in the way of ameliorating the energy crisis? Rather, who threatens to exacerbate it? Barack Obama, the Democrats in Congress, and the media. It’s so irritating. People stop listening to me when I say this, but just look at the facts.

One reason why oil is so expensive is because the Democrats refuse to drill in Montana, South Dakota, off the coast, or in Anwar — or to allow us to look into nuclear energy. 80 percent of France’s energy is nuclear. Democrats are afraid we’ll have a Chernobyl, but fail to realize that the US is infinitely more organized and is the cleanest industrialized nation of its comparative size in the world. We are so uptight about it, that we put ourselves at a ridiculous disadvantage.

The Green Movement will kill us. Liberals have long appealed to emotion over intellect, and this is just another example. And I’ll be darned if it isn’t effective. Who can say no to a panda T-shirt? I consider myself an environmentalist. I recycle religiously, always turn out the light, very much appreciate nature, pick up litter, and think we should reduce pollution as best we can. STILL. I do not believe all of the unfounded propaganda that the Left (quite cleverly) uses to mobilize emotional, unthinking masses.

These sound bites work when the average American is unwilling to dig deeper. Did you know that off the coast of Florida, China and Cuba are drilling, taking oil from waters into which we have the right to tap if we didn’t have our panties in a twist?

They’re also ‘slant drilling,’ which means they’re piercing into our territory for oil that is rightfully ours. Why aren’t we drilling there? Wealthy coastal homeowners don’t want the ‘eyesore’ oil rigs. You know what I say to that? Suck it up. If drilling there will improve the status of living for millions of Americans, then I say let’s go. We haven’t had an accident in many decades and have instituted many safety stipulations and learned many lessons from that. But we’ve allowed ourselves to be paralyzed by fear.

Republicans want to drill in Anwar, but Democrats blocked that again. It’s tundra (so no people are there), and the drilling would occupy about 0.4 percent of the land. The drilling can also be done without negatively influencing the surrounding ecosystem at all. We can slant drill, which gets more, dealing with less surface area. (Though the logic behind the liberal plea for saving this ‘pristine’ land is a little twisted. We’ll let other nations ‘rape’ their land, and we’ll patronize their businesses, but we’re too spoiled to drill on home turf. Hypocrisy).

Once another pipeline had to be built through Alaska, and they elevated the pipe so that it didn’t even impede the territory.

Quite the contrary: the heat from the pipes attracted the local moose (the animal most feared for) and encouraged reproductive rates. I mean, this paranoia is idiotic and unfounded. And, mostly, just inexcusably ignorant.

The fact remains: oil is the only cheap source of energy that is currently available on a mass scale. We should use what we’ve got while we investigate other possibilities, preferably nuclear, because all the alternative energy pet projects that liberals have espoused have flopped in a major way.

They’re not economically sustainable or feasible. Like wind, battery, solar, and bio-fuel (corn, sugar, etc) power. It’s a joke, really. The diversion of the corn crop toward this alternative energy idea (to ameliorate oil prices — while raising food prices in the process) actually caused food riots in Mexico, Africa, and Asia.

Peope are STARVING to death because we’re using their food supply to investigate alternative modes of energy so that we don’t have to pay so much for gas. Now if that’s not ironic liberal obtuseness and Western decadence, I don’t know what is. The same thing happened in Brazil with sugar. People are so enamored with this Green Movement that they don’t see that it’s actually harming people and is going in the wrong direction.

We’re just being stupid about it.

My rant continues next week …


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