SA funds flu vaccines

The Student Assembly unanimously passed what some could consider the greatest bill in the governing body’s history during Tuesday’s meeting.

The Flu Vaccine Funding Act allocates $5,500 from the consolidated reserve to fully finance the first 100 vaccinations and to give a $10 rebate on the following 300. Official SA vaccinations will be offered in the Sadler Center on November 12th, 20th, and 21th.

The Necessary Changes Act was also passed 14-1-1. The bill creates a complex series of checks and balances in the finance code regarding expenditures made out of the off campus account. Reforms include eliminating the tempting check card and requiring the approval of the senate chairman on all expenditures over $150. Senator Steven Nelson ’10 attempted to amend the bill in order to raise the amount of money that could be spent without the senate chairman’s approval to $250. He expressed an interest in purchasing a new digital police scanner that would exceed $150. The amendment failed.

The Know Your Rights Act II was also unanimously passed. It appropriates $525 from the consolidated reserve to purchase 6,000 cards containing individual rights information regarding altercations with residence advisors and police officers. While last year’s cards were made of laminated paper these will be made of durable plastic.

The Technical Requirement for Access to Voter Files Act was also unanimously passed. It gives the SA access to local voter files in an effort to assist registered students’ whose addresses have changed.

Above all, the Flu Vaccine Funding Act should be seen as the blueprint for all SA bills to come; a generous expenditure offering some sort of service to students that does not require a meeting with an old person in order to be enacted. That is all they should do. Forget the finance code and the bylaws and all that other stuff that student politicians know about.


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