Capsule Review: Funhouse by Pink

Pink’s new album “Funhouse” deceptively invites the audience into a world filled with demented relationships, reckless abandon and sorrowful loneliness.

After a four year hiatus, Pink only recently returned to the charts in 2007. Now, with “Funhouse,” her fifth album to date, Pink proves that she’s not simply a rosy one-trick artist. Her talent can be reinvented and channeled into a lasting impression valuable for the music industry.

Her Billboard 100 number-one hit “So What” mixes her edgy punk-rock voice with upbeat background instrumentals, forming a bittersweet combination with which the heartbroken masses can truly sympathize. Pink perfects her raspy, belting voice in “Funhouse,” as she dishes out growling alto notes contrapuntally alongside rich, soaring melodies, best showcased in “It’s All Your Fault.”

“Sober” intelligently expresses the self-destruction and depression of substance abuse. She questions, “But how do I feel this good sober?” illuminating the nuances of a battle with a self-consuming addition. Pink shows her range of musicality and emotions, and still fills the album with vivacious fun and tenderly witty songs alike.

Overall, “Funhouse” opens an illuminating portal into the 29 year old’s beautifully self-realized life.


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