College receives grants to establish fellowships

The National Science Foundation and the Department of Education awarded the College of William and Mary nearly $2 million in grants, which the College will use to found an education fellowship program.

According to a press release, a $750,000 NSF grant will establish the Noyce Scholars Program at the College of William and Mary. The grant will fund 33 undergraduates and master’s degree-seeking students for five years. The selected students will receive some funding for schooling and access to paid internships. In return, those chosen will teach in public school systems for each year of funding received through the grant.

The Department of Education’s $1,172,507 grant will fund the Teachers for a Competitive Tomorrow Teaching Fellows Program at the College. It will help generate a new curriculum to enlist more engineering, mathematics, science and technology majors in the field of education. The fellows will teach in public school systems after graduation.


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