Top Election Facebook Status picks

Some of the top Facebook statuses regarding the election from members of the College:

Thomas Fringer ’10 is Rosa Parks sat in 1955. Martin Luther King walked in 1963. Barack Obama ran in 2008. That our children might fly.

Whitney Winn ’06 kind of hates 52% of Californians.

Lauren “McCain” Nofi ‘11 John McCain is my hero and always will be.

Andrew Panakos ’09 doesn’t like the idea of one party politics in congress and the white house when the candidate has never stood up to his own party.

Chris Hendricks ’07 is already missing the way Sarah Palin used to wink at him.

Emily Wheat ’10 is Jon Stewart said ‘Go Tribe!’ There is so much to celebrate!

Emily Glass ‘10 wishes she could join in on the happiness… but she just can’t. It sure is hard to be in the right (wing).

Alicia Banks ‘09 is i wonder if sarah palin remembered to wear waterproof mascara today…

Kristine Mosuela ’11 cried a little when VA turned blue. HELLO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!

Brandon Nichols ’09 black is the new president.

Rebecca Green ’10 is oh, and let’s be honest, stop talking about moving to canada…just the thought of their scary socialized medicine is enough to give you seizures.

Robert Lawrence ’11 is Sarah Palin apparently didn’t know that Africa was a continent. Yikes!

Stacey Marin ’10 is “Oh, Bush impression. I’ll miss you the most.” — Jon Stewart.

Chris Yamoah ’10 – too bad Gucci Mane and Michael Vick were in jail when Da Block ODrama became president.

Brett Rector ’09 is loving the dichotomy of my friends’ profile updates; I must tread carefully.


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