The SA: It’s better than nothing

It’s better than nothing.

The Student Assembly passed the Club Connection and the Outdoor Recycling Containers Acts during Tuesday’s meeting.

The Club Connection Act assigns the Outreach committee with sending periodic e-mails to campus organizations with information on how to get funding. The Act also allows clubs to request that a senator attend one of their meetings, presumably to give advice on how to maximize inefficiency.

The Outdoor Recycling Containers Act allocates $7,034 from the consolidated reserve to purchase thirteen metal recycling containers to be placed around old campus, the Sadler Center, and the Campus Center.

Three senators were actually conscious enough to vote no on this bill citing that it sets a bad precedent for the SA to purchase things that should be funded by the College or better yet, with the money generated by the Green Fees. Of course the SA shouldn’t have to purchase recycling bins, but good for them for showing some initiative when the administration refused to fund the program.

And Shame on the administration for making the SA actually look like a useful body.

In all seriousness (maybe not all seriousness) some senators are beginning to realize that their job is to do whatever they can to help students. I almost started laughing while Senator Matt Pinkser ’09, who earlier in the year advocated renting limousines to transport students to polling stations, was criticizing the Outdoor Recycling Containers Act because he felt that the Green Fees should pay for it. Green Fees are budgeted in the beginning of the year and don’t set aside any money for impulse buys, so why not?

I know I say this every week, but it bears repeating: The SA is not about you, your intimate knowledge of various bylaws or your bitterness that mom and dad have to pay an extra $25 to try to improve energy efficiency. It’s about the kids. So be quiet and check your e-mail because an actual student, not a student politician, might need something purchased to help him or her out during their time at the College. I’m willing to bet that you don’t have any better ideas.


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