Capsule Review: “I Am … Sasha Fierce” by Beyonce

I really don’t understand why Beyonce wants people to call her “Sasha Fierce.” There is no notable difference between Sasha Fierce’s music and the songs Beyonce has previously released. If anything, Sasha Fierce just seems like a cheap marketing strategy for people to spend more money on a two-disc CD rather than just buy the typical one-disc CD.

But I digress. “I am … Sasha Fierce” marks a high point in Beyonce’s career; her marriage to mogul Jay-Z and starring roles in blockbusters like “Dreamgirls” and “Goldmember” have allowed Beyonce to take a new direction with her music. Indeed, her marriage must be really enjoyable, as she encourages other females who are in a happy, steady relationship to “put a ring on it.” In “Single Ladies,” Sasha Fierce takes over for all the crazy fun songs, like “Diva,” which uses an insanely catchy yet simple handclap to keep listeners grinding and dancing away. Yet Beyonce completely takes over and reels her fans in with slower, moving ballads. Watch out Leona and Mariah, because with the epic “Halo,” arguably the best song on her album, Beyonce shows how truly powerful her voice has become.

The album, while nowhere near as remarkable as her debut “Dangerously in Love,” is miles better than her last album, which sounded like it was recorded in only two weeks (Oh wait, it was). With increasing maturity and self-awareness, Beyonce blows all the other female pop and R&B albums released this year out of the water.


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