Hollywood Gossip (Dec. 5)

**Coming soon: My new BF**
Paris Hilton may soon change her reality show: Instead of a new BFF, she needs a new boyfriend. She and ex Benji Madden broke up with each other via overlapping voicemails. Paris left a message breaking up with the goth rocker, only to find when she checked hers immediately afterward that he’d broken up with the heiress an hour earlier. Perhaps she doesn’t need a new BFF after all: Nicole Richie, her first BFF, comforted the pink princess the rest of that day.

**It takes two**
Always facing a bad rap in the tabloids, Mary-Kate Olsen is caught denying pregnancy rumors. The mini-mogul has put on a few pounds recently, prompting the rumors. At a whopping 102 pounds, we think she looks more on the side of healthy than with child. It’s not as if those baggy vintage layers are a new trick to hide a bulge. She’s said before that she doesn’t feel the need to get married, but will make a great aunt to twin Ashley’s children.

**No small affair**
The amicably divorced Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have an unconventional Christmas in the works: Both plan to bring their 30-year-old significant others to the holiday festivities. Willis is dating noted hottie Emma Hemming, and Demi is famous for her cradle-robbing marriage to “Punk’d” host Ashton Kutcher. Joining the foursome will be Demi and Bruce’s three daughters from their 13-year marriage, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

**Blown Away**
Akon’s blaming someone, and it isn’t himself. He flew to the United Arab Emirates to play a gig last week for Princess Sheikha Hessa of Dubai. At the last minute, the birthday girl reordered the lineup, placing “America’s Got Talent” band Stringz in the lead spot. Page Six caught him pouting and refusing to talk to anyone for the rest of the night. His reps say it don’t matter, but it sounds like trouble to us.


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