Williamsburg launches community newsletter

Kate Hoving, the City of Williamsburg’s communications specialist, and representatives of the Student Assembly’s Department of public affairs recently joined together to release an online newsletter for students at the College of William and Mary and residents of Williamsburg.

The city tried earlier in 2008 to reach out to College students by creating a City of Williamsburg Facebook page. Some students and city officials, however, felt that a more interactive method of communication would be more efficient.

“Originally we were talking about creating a newsletter … but we wanted to have a conversation and not just talk at the students,” Hoving said. “We want it to be independent from the city to allow for more freedom in communication.”

Jill Olszewski ’12, one of the SA undersecretaries of public affairs for the City of Williamsburg, is among the student representatives working with Hoving to develop the newsletter.

“Essentially, the newsletter will update the city on the various activities of the College, and likewise, the city will keep the College informed of the events and news on their end,” Olszewski said. “We all live in the same community, thus it is important to be aware of all the news and events that are occurring within it.”

The newsletter, which will be accessible to all College students and residents of Williamsburg, will either be weekly or bi-weekly. The newsletter should be running once an internet domain has been found to host it.

Hoving said that she would like to have the newsletter ready sometime between the end of January and Feb. 15.


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