Men’s Basketball: Tribe vs. Georgia State

Put another one in the loss column

The Tribe falls 58-51 in a near repeat performance of its 62-49 loss to Towson Wednesday.

Tribe down 45-35

Georgia State is starting to take over. A 9-0 Panther run midway through the half opened the game up, giving Georgia State a 39-28 lead.

Tight game in second half

Trailing 20-18 at the break, the Tribe surrendered a 7-2 run to start the second half. The Tribe’s within four now, but it hasn’t found consistent enough scoring to take the lead.

Schneider in starting lineup

Junior guard David Schneider, who sprained his right ankle in practice Tuesday, is in the tonight’s starting lineup and he looks okay right now. Time will tell how long he can go and how effective he can be tonight.

Sophomore forward Marcus Kitts makes his first career start tonight. It’s also his 20th birthday.

TV game

TV games always start late and always run long. These games also jumble the pre-game schedule, forcing the National Anthem to be sung without the players on the court.

It’s always struck me as strange that the players are not on the court for it. But, the networks usually don’t want to watch unknown singers belt the anthem.

Coaches vs. Cancer suits and sneakers

If you’re watching the game from home, you may notice both coaching staffs wearing sneakers. It’s all part of the Coaches vs. Cancer Suits and Sneakers Awareness Weekend.

New this year: the officials are sporting pink whistles.

I for one love this weekend and everything that Coaches vs. Cancer and the Jimmy V Fund do for fighting cancer.


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