25 Things about students from the College

    1. I was completely pro-life until senior year of high school. I’ll just let you guys fret about why. — Ashlee Harris ’10

    2. I have this overwhleming feeling that if i dont accomplish as much as Alexander the Great did, i have somehow failed in life. — Spencer Sullivan ‘10

    3. I do not nap. Ever. — Katie Clough ‘12

    4. I’ve danced and sung onstage at the Kennedy Center. Cappies 2004, The Boy Friend, EHS Theater. — Gabby Brooks ‘10

    5. When I was 2 or 3, I loved cars and my mom would take me to the parking lot to pet tires. — Jack Kamensky ’09

    6. I have a very unhealthy addiction to Lifesavers mints – typically WintOGreen, but occasionally PepOMint or Sweet Mint just to keep things fresh. I’ve gone through an entire bag in a day before… — Joe Kessler ‘10

    7. I feel bad about how much I enjoy cuss words. Saying fuck is REALLY fun. I also take issue with what people deem “appropriate” in society. — Ginny Burk ’10

    8. The earliest memory I have is the day my brother was born. My mom had spoken to her doctor on the phone and told me she had to go to the hospital to have my brother. My first reaction? “Can I please finish my yogurt first?” — Alexa Hoyne ’10

    9. I wrote my college essay for William and Mary about peeing my pants. Really I did. Though I’ve been clean for going on 9 months. Yay running! — Caitlin Kenney ‘12

    10. In winter, the first things I put on when I get out of the shower are socks haha… — Anonymous

    11. World of Warcraft and I are in a love/hate relationship. I hate that it wastes all of my time, but I love playing with my (RL) friends. — Mike Erickson ’10

    12. I am that girl who will give you the death stare if you talk on the third floor of Swem, don’t let that person be you. — Danielle Bourget ’09

    13. When I was a kid i was convinced there were elves living in the goldenrod bush behind my neighbor’s house and I used to build them little houses out of twigs. — Amy Dorsey ’09

    14. I hate/strongly dislike the color pink. When I joined Phi Mu, I seriously considered petitioning to the national headquarters to get them to change their colors. — Stephanie Driggers ‘10

    15. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, even though my dad has owned one for almost ten years. — Monica Duggan ‘09

    16. I am addicted to The New York Times. It’s my crack. Don’t take it away from me. — Kate Afanasyeva ‘09

    17. I really want to go to Disney World. My favorite place is Magic Kingdom. — Ashley Nguyen ’10

    18. I am extremely easily amused. I do a lot of giggling. There are these trees on campus that look like their from The Lion King, and every time I walk past them I imagine the movie and start singing. — Katherine James ‘12

    19. I don’t plan on ever taking my husbands last name. I mean, how could it be cooler than the one I have now? Answer: it can’t be. — Liz Pedraja ’09

    20. I love the muffins at the Daily Grind! If you had not tried them you are missing out. — Hannah Thornton ’10

    21. The strangest pet I’ve ever had was a crayfish named Scooter. He lived for about a year and a half (between 2nd and 3rd grades). He lived in the bathtub. — Mallory Johnson ’10

    22. I cry at movies, especially ones that involve changes over time. I tear up constantly during “Bicentennial Man”. Hell, I even found myself getting a bit watery during “Click” (same time theme). Call me a woman if you must but never doubt that it took some balls to admit that. — Ryan Uyehara ‘10

    23. When I am listening to the radio in my car the volume number has to be even or evenly divisible by the number 5. — Abigail Lemon ’09

    24. Heavy construction equipment fascinates me. When they were building the ISC I would sit in the lounge and watch the different machines working for long stretches of time. ­— Jim Dunleavey ’10

    25. Besides the Black Plague and how gross the reality of Medieval times were, I think it would have been really cool to live during them. Obviously as like a higher end of society or whatnot. — Briana Calhoun ’10


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