News in Brief: Feb. 13

*Alumni receive Darwin-Wallace Medals*

Two alumni from the College of William and Mary are among 13 of the world’s scientists who received the Darwin-Wallace Medal from the Linnean Society of London yesterday — the 200th birthday of evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin.

Mohamed Noor ’92 and H. Allen Orr ’82 M.S.’85 received their awards in London during a presentation by David F. Cutler, president of the Linnean Society. Both Noor and Orr have studied various species of Drosophila (fruit flies) in order to understand how species’ genetic mutations adapt to changes in their environment, which can eventually result in the formation of new species.

The Darwin-Wallace medal is one of the highest honors in evolutionary biology and is awarded to top scientists in the field once every 50 years since 1908.

*Grad students showcase research*

Six graduate students from the College of William and Mary participated in the Virginia Council of Graduate Schools’s fourth annual Graduate Student Research Forum Feb. 10, according to a press release.

The VCGS hosted the event at the Library of Virginia in Richmond, which was attended by members of the General Assembly, industry representatives, school administrators and the general public.

The six students and their fields were Michael Bagge, applied science; Stephen Coleman, physics; Steven Gianvecchio, computer science; Kevin Kosanovish, American studies; Andrew Wozniak, marine science; and Kristi Lee Wyatt, education.

*Arrests made after attempted robbery*

Three people were arrested in connection with an assault of a man who was lured into the parking lot of Paul’s Deli, attacked and robbed, according to the Daily Press. When a friend came to his rescue, he was also beaten, police said.

Police arrested Cristobal Jesus Hernandez, 31; David Nelson Grasty Jr., 27; and Jillian Susan Rakes, 21. They were each charged with robbery, two counts of maiming, conspiracy to commit robbery and grand larceny.


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