BREAKING NEWS: Honor Council Referendum Fails

The Honor Council Referendum failed by a vote of 1,927 against and 842 in favor.

The referendum vote was re-done today after significant technical problems forced the original vote on Monday to be canceled. Errors in the ballot’s coding prevented some students from casting their votes and allowed individuals unauthorized access to the ballot itself.

While there were 2,769 votes cast in the referendum ballot, the election of honor council representatives drew 2,534 votes. The total was more than double the 1,265 students who voted in the Honor Council elections a year ago.

The Council of Chairs issued a statement hailing the increased turnout for the election. The statement is printed below.

The rising senior class will be represented on the Honor Council by:
Jay Jones
Chase Hathaway
Bailey Thomson
Dawson Lindauere
Kristen Pantazes
Nishant Kishore
Christine Dang
John Donehey

The rising junior class will be represented by:
Will Perkins
Tyler Rutter
Kathryn Stuart
Skyler Halbritter
Andy Rudd
Brian Focarino
Justin de Benedictis-Kessner
John Pothen

And the rising sophomore class by:
Jason Gangwer
Rachel Johnson
Lina Yeh
Dimelza Gonzales-Flores
Zara Stasi
Will Hoing
Michael Vereb
Eric Robinson

The statement from the Council of Chairs:

“The Council of Chairs is extremely please with the unprecedented voter turnout in the university-wide referendum and in the Undergraduate Honor Council election. Clearly students have taken an active role in what is their Honor Code. There has been a tremendous amount of information generated by the democratic process that was lacking from the small turnout of last semester’s vote as well as previous public comment sessions. The Council of Chairs hopes that the College community will remain active and bring forward constructive ideas to the Honor Council Chairs of their respective schools, so that the concerns and ideas from the student body can be incorporated into any new draft for any future attempt at revisions to the Code. Such decisions will ultimately be made by a Council of Chairs made up of different representatives, but we feel strongly that this process has, and will continue to, benefit the Honor Councils’ goal of promoting of our common ideals of integrity, tradition, and excellence.”

****This article originally stated that the turnout for the referendum vote was 2,534. That total was for the election of representatives. 2,769 votes were cast in the referendum ballot.****


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