Students not suing professor

Student Assembly Sen. Matt Pinsker ’09 announced Tuesday that it is unlikely charges will be filed against College of William and Mary professor Ruth Griffioen by the residents of 711 Richmond Rd. or the residents of 206 Nelson Ave. Pinsker’s statement came at the weekly SA senate meeting.

Pinsker had previously said that the SA and the residents were pursuing possible legal action against Griffioen. Pinsker alleged that she engaged in illegal activity while acting as the complainant in the City of Williamsburg’s case against the residents for violating the three-person rule.

The Flat Hat has been unable to confirm whether or not Griffioen was the complainant.

Griffioen has not responded to requests for comment

“They said they do not wish to press charges at this time,” Pinsker said in an interview Thursday.
The complainant in the case against the students kept a detailed log of the students’ vehicular activity at 711 Richmond Rd., as well as 206 Nelson Ave. The evidence led city officials to pursue a lawsuit against residents of 711 Richmond Rd. for violating the three-person rule.

Pinsker said he based these allegations off of interviews he conducted with students from both of the involved residences.

Students from both residences confirmed that they will not be pressing legal charges against the professor.


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