SA releases candidate list for Mar. 26 election

Early this morning the College of William and Mary Student Assembly released the list of students running for each position in the upcoming election.

The three uncontested positions — Class of 2010 Secretary, Class of 2011 Vice President for Advocacy and Class of 2012 Secretary for Social Affairs — can be won by a write-in candidate, according to SA Elections Commission Chairman Matt Beato ’09. If enough votes for no candidate, called protest votes, are lodged, the position will go unfilled until a special election during the Sept. 24 freshmen elections.

The election will take place March 26.

Below is the complete list.


*Student Assembly*
*President and Vice President*
Horacio Carreño and Michael Douglass
Devin Sanchez Curry and David Loss
Sarah Rojas and Austin Wiese

*Class of 2010*
Ryan Eickel
Alyssa Wallace

*Vice President for Advocacy*
Jessica Taubman

*Vice President for Social Affairs*
Laura Nelson

_No declared candidates_

Ray Ciabattoni

Jim Dunleavey
Ross Gillingham
Erik Houser
Steven Nelson
Eric Newman

*Class of 2011*
Michael Tsidulko

*Vice President for Advocacy*
_No declared candidates_

*Vice President for Social Affairs*
Wayne Pearson

Sahra Roble

Chrissy Scott

*Senate (2011)*
Ben Brown
Brittany Fallon
Juan Jorquera
Imad Matini
Ian Kirkpatrick
Russ Taylor
Kentaro Uzuki
Mike Young

*Class of 2012*
Kobie Gordon
Nicole Skarpness

*Vice President for Advocacy*
Allie Baeuchler
Steph Kumah

*Vice President for Social Affairs*
_No declared candidates_

Kasi Hartman
Stephanie McGuire

KC Dang
Xiaoyu Guo

Mateos Chekol
Stef Felitto
Tom Flaherty
Betty Jeanne Manning
Jill Olszewski
Carlos Quintela
Matt Schofield
Stuart Shields


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