SA Senate does little in 15 minute meeting

Several senators were absent from the Student Assembly senate’s brief meeting Tuesday night, during which little activity took place.

Sen. Caroline Mullis ’09 announced that the Senate Finance Committee had decided to postpone releasing the student activities budget until the post-election “lame duck period, so that no one can make any political changes [to the budget].”

Two bills were introduced as new business.

The SA Website Overhaul Act, sponsored by Sens. Rojas ’10, Brown ’11, Brittany Fallon ’11, Mike Tsidulko ’11 and Tom Flahery ’12, would create a new position, that of SA webmaster. The webmaster would be responsible for updating the out-of-date SA website by Aug. 1. The bill would also call for an unspecified amount of money as salary for the webmaster.

The Card Information Act, sponsored by Sens. Betty Jeanne Manning ’12 and Jill Olszewski ’12, would require the numbers of the College of William and Mary Counseling Center and Steer Clear to be printed on the back of all College ID cards.


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