Answer me these questions three

The Student Assembly unanimously passed the APO Assistance Act and the Triple Referenda Act during the last meeting before the election this Thursday.

The APO Assistance Act allocates $575 from the consolidated reserve to pay for the rental of a second campus escort golf cart to be used for the fall semester. The bill automatically brings itself up for renewal at the end of the fall semester so the SA can decide if the trial was worth the money.

This is a fairly small amount of money for a very useful service and if no issues arise during next semester I see no reason why the SA wouldn’t pay for more golf carts as long as students continue to request rides. My only issue with Campus Escort is the obnoxious drivers who honk their horns and drive on the sidewalk as if it was some sort of miniature road instead of a place for people to actually walk.

With that said, Campus Escort is by and large an extremely helpful program. Maybe when this bill comes back next semester someone will allocate a few more dollars for driver sensitivity training.

The Triple Referenda Act places three questions on the ballot for Thursday’s election:

* Are you in favor of paying two installments of $56 to put artificial turf on Busch field?

* Are you in favor of paying $26 for an irrigation system on the IM field?

* And are you in favor of paying a recurring fee of $0.30 to have the Onion delivered to campus?

No, no, and no.

No self-respecting rugby player would want to set foot on artificial turf and the entire point of IM sports is that they’re unprofessional, disorganized, and muddy. And I know it seems a little tight to not want to pay an extra 30 cents a semester, but it just seems like the SA is insulting my intelligence by asking me to pay for something that I can get for free online.

These referenda, like the rest of Thursday’s ballot, should be firmly rejected.


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