‘The Office’: Michael wonders what to do

That’s more like it, ‘Office.’ Now that was an episode with real disappointment and sadness, but that still packed in the laughs.

This week’s episode made me feel delightfully unnerved for laughing at Michael’s pitiful attempts to form a rival paper company because he heard it would be hard to get a job in the current economy. And watching him attempt to physically drag Phyllis out of the office with him, while crawling on the ground to keep out of Charles’s vision, gave me those uncomfortable giggles that “The Office” has always faithfully delivered.

Pam and Michael delivered their walk away from the office scene perfectly as the hope and exhilaration in their faces melted into “Holy crap what have we done and what are we going to do?” But Jim explaining to Michael that “it’s Monster.com. Singular,” as growls emitted from his office computer wins out as my favorite scene of the episode.

But the questions still beg asking: what will “The Office” and the office be without Michael as manager and Pam as the receptionist? And what repercussions will come with Pam and Jim occupying the same position and possibly competing over clients and sales?


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