SA approves election

The Student Assembly met for the first time since the election Tuesday.

Certified results of last week’s SA election were introduced during the first half of the meeting. Sen. Matt Beato ’09 made a PowerPoint presentation explaining recent SA voting trends at the College of William and

Beato also showed a PowerPoint entitled “10 Things I Hated About This Election,” discussing problems with last week’s election. He suggested solutions, addressing SA policy toward campaign controversy such as the withdrawal of candidates, the destruction of flyers and the distribution of unsolicited e-mails.

The senate went on to pass three bills unanimously, including the student activities budget sponsored by Sen. Caroline Mullis ’09.

Mullis’ Free Planners for Students to Help Keep Them Organized Act was also passed.
Written in conjunction with the Office of Health Education, this bill appropriates money to expand the distribution of planners to sophomores and juniors as well as freshmen.

The Open Billing Act, sponsored by Sens. Stef Felitto ’12, Steven Nelson ’09 and Walter McClean ’09, was the final bill passed.

This legislation requests that the Bursar’s Office place a link in online bills detailing where fees are appropriated so that students will be told how their tuition is being spent.

According to Nelson, this bill is the culmination of years of similar efforts.

“Fees are a major part of what students pay to attend William and Mary — they should be made known to those paying them,” Nelson said.

Sens. Jill Olszewski ’12 and Betty Jeanne Manning ’12 introduced their CIA bill, which proposes adding the telephone numbers of the William and Mary Counseling Center and Steer Clear to the back of student identification cards.

Because of extended deliberation concerning the necessity of additional contacts on each ID, the bill was sent back to committee.

This delay did not disappoint Manning.

“I am really excited that this bill facilitated such a great discussion,” she said. “Ultimately, it will help every student to feel more secure in a wider variety of situations.”

Vice President Kristin Slawter ’09 informed the senate that the Marketplace’s HomeZone will become a Panda Express in Fall 2009.


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