Number of applicants largest in College history

The College of William and Mary has received 12,104 applications from potential students, the most in admissions history.

Applications were up four percent from last year when the College received 11,622.

The College has accepted approximately 4,000 students for the Class of 2013, bringing the admission rate to about 33 percent.

However, the final number could change, depending on how many applicants the College decides to accept from its wait list.

The admission rate for the Class of 2012 was also initially 33 percent. However, once additional students were admitted to the College from the wait list, it increased to 35 percent.

Within the portion of incoming freshmen whose schools ranked students, 86 percent were within the top 10 percent of their classes.

In addition, 26 percent of the students, or 1,038 accepted applicants, were ethnic minorities.

More minority students were admitted this year than any other academic year.

The mid-50th percentile of the incoming class also scored an average SAT score of 1330-1480. This was also the first time in two years that the median SAT score rose.

According to an e-mail from Dean of Admission Henry Broaddus, the College admitted students from 30 different foreign countries into the Class of 2013.

“We are very excited to have admitted a group of students with such a broad range of talents and backgrounds and such an incredible record of achievement both in and out of the classroom,” Broaddus said.

Alex Dodd ’13, an admitted student and current administrator of the Class of 2013 Facebook group, said that he was very impressed by the College’s traditions and community.

“I wasn’t able to go to an admitted student day,” he said in a Facebook message. “However, I am so excited to be attending this fall. The sense of community and camaraderie I felt when I did visit was just so strong, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”


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