Lost: Douchy dads and dead dudes

Once again, the fans called it. Miles Straum is indeed Pierre Chang’s progeny. Miles’ mom claimed that the doctor daddy never cared for the two of them, kicking them out when Miles was really young. By “kicked us out” did she really mean “kicked us off,” as in off the island? Either way, the father issues continue for “Lost” characters. In the van, Hurley tried to push the issue by awkwardly commenting on the coincidence that Chang’s three month old son shared the same name as the 31-year-old sitting next to him. In the end, Miles looked into his birth home and saw his dad lovingly reading him a book. I wonder what could have happened that made Pierre turn cold toward his family and kick them out — if that is what happened…

Naomi had Miles audition for his position in the basement of a restaurant with a dead dude named Felix (killed while delivering documents related to Oceanic 815 to Widmore). He initially refuses, but in the end the swindler can not say no to 1.6 million dollars. Although he tried to up the payment to double that when a group headed by Bram (who also landed on the island via Ajira 316) kidnapped him to convince Miles not to get on Widmore’s freighter. Why? Because:

1) he, like Lapidus and the rest of us, doesn’t know what lies in the shadow of the statue;

2) he can know everything he’s been trying to figure out his whole life;

3) he can be reunited with his dad; and

4) he’d be playing for the wrong team. The right team, the one who is going to win according to that guy, wasn’t offering a salary so Miles refused and the rest, as they say, is history.

Who is the other team though? Clearly they are not aligned with Widmore, which leads me to believe they are working on behalf of Ben. Based on Ben’s reaction to seeing Bram and his partner Ilana, I’d say that this other group distinguishes itself from both evil men. Perhaps this organization represents the good guys we’ve been looking for all this time. We know Ben hates Widmore and Widmore hates Ben and anyone associated with Dharma would hate Ben too because of what he did to the island faction of the organization. But if Widmore was still with the others when the Purge happened, those people would hate Widmore as well. So perhaps this new dude represents the Dharma members who were not on the island during the Purge (i.e. the Ann Arbor scientists or people in hatches on American soil) or the relatives of the folks killed during the Purge.

In summary, Bram + Ilana = Dharma descendents who are ready to exact revenge on both Ben and Widmore.

The uncharacteristically cutesy title of last night’s episode, “Some Like It Hoth,” according to Wikipedia, refers to the “sixth planet of a remote system of the same name” in “Star Wars.” Hurley attempted to make the most out of his flashback position by writing an improved “Empire Strikes Back” screenplay. How very Biff Tannen of him — if you don’t get it, catch up on your McFly. The chubby chef, who expressed his joy at reconnecting later in life with the father who abandoned him at age 10, made another reference to “Star Wars,” Luke Skywalker, and his papa Darth Vader, to stress the importance of communication between fathers and sons.

And I can’t believe I never realized it before, but Hurley can talk to dead people too! As Miles pointed out though, not in the same way. Hurley has conversations and plays games with his dead friends Charlie and Eko while Miles can hear deceased people telling their stories. Hurley’s is probably a manifestation of his craziness, but I still appreciate the link. Perhaps more will come of this connection between the two. And maybe I’m wrong about Hurley’s sixth sense being mental.


According to Chang, the other island, named Hydra Island, is the site of what he called “ridiculous experiments” involving the polar bears. Apparently the collective brains behind Dharma participate in some scientific competition.

The dead guy Miles and Hurley were delivering died when his tooth filling was sucked out of his gum into his brain. Viewers are lead to believe this occurred because of the powerful magnetism under the Swan hatch. I personally, am just so _pulled_ to the mythology of this intense magnetism. Ok, sorry, bad joke. But c’mon “Lost,” will you please stop alluding to the magnetic forces and just explain them already?

Yet again “Lost” makes another link with Egypt. While cleaning up the Dharma classroom, the chalkboard featured Egyptian history. For those of you who missed it, here is what I was able to decipher from the board. I also included a zoomed-in picture of the board so you can see the drawing yourselves. It appears to be a lesson on the history of Egyptian language.

(some hieroglyphics)

“writing of the words of God”

(some drawings/diagrams/hieroglyphics)

Archaic Egyptian before 2600 BC

(more artwork)

Old Egyptian
2600 BC to 2000 BC
Tripling ideograms, phonograms, and determinatives

Middle Egyptian
2000 BC to 1300 BC
classic stage of language

Late Egyptian
1300 BC to 700 BC
(??? can’t read ???)

I enjoyed seeing Jack and Sawyer acting very civil towards each other for once. Super mellow Jack continues in his position as supporter rather than savior. Will we see a return of Jack-In-Charge? Or is Sawyer going to play the part of leader from here on out? You know what would be amazing though: a partnership between the two head honchos, capitalizing on their individual strengths and balancing out their weaknesses.

I spent all night looking for Faraday. Since he was in the last episode featuring Dr. Chang, I figured we might get a glimpse, or more, of the physicist again. I almost thought I saw him in that hole where Dharma workers were building the Swan hatch. I was wrong about that, but I wasn’t wrong about his reappearance! At the close of the episode, Faraday emerges from the sub as one of the visiting Ann Arbor scientists! How did he get off the island and to Ann Arbor, though? I’m willing to bet that, in his despair at losing Charlotte, he couldn’t keep it together in Dharma-town and got kicked off the island. Once off the island, he spent three years on mainland USA using his superior scientific skills to rise in the ranks of the Dharma Initiative. Eventually, he got a ticket on the sub back to the island, and he arrives — with the answer on how to get out of 1977? I hope so, I’m kind of bored with Dharma life and I really want to see Sun and Jin reunite.

And yet again my love for Hurley and his priceless one-liners grows.

1) “It’ll help with global warming, which hasn’t happened yet, so maybe we can help prevent it;”

2) His garlic mayonnaise that could have been stinking up the van;

3) Making things super awkward between Chang and his son;

4) His Star Wars trick;

5) His ridiculous facial hair — did anybody else notice how out of control the Chewbacca face he had going on was?

Still waiting on some more questions, readers! Looks like we’ve got a break next week so it’ll be a great opportunity for me to research and hopefully answer your burning questions.

See ya in another week, brotha!


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