All eyes on Williamsburg

Okay, we admit it: We got a little jazzed when we learned David Cook would be performing here. While we’re not exactly his biggest fans, it is always great to see the College of William and Mary attracting high-profile speakers and artists. And if that was good, what happened this weekend was spectacular: We are simply ecstatic to have hosted Virginia’s gubernatorial democratic primary debate, and call on the College to continue to bring prestigious events like this to campus.

With good reason, all of Virginia’s eyes were on Williamsburg this weekend. The electoral race that is heating up promises to be as tight as it will be important. Although Virginia went blue in November, the state’s true colors have a more purple hue. Republicans see this as a state for the taking; Democrats see it as one for the keeping, and so all are now set on the Governor’s mansion. The Republicans have their man — Bob McDonnell. Who will the Democrats go with?

With all this attention, by all accounts, the College performed excellently. The event’s organizers planned and executed a very successful debate and subsequent press conference, both of which were well-attended by a who’s who of national figures in media and politics.

Our enthusiasm is not without reservation, however. While it was great to see the debate professionally moderated by television anchor Andrea Mitchell, we missed a great opportunity to put one of our own in the spotlight. In the future, the College should fight to have professors with relevant expertise, perhaps from the government department, play a role in these kinds of events.

To those who put this together, keep up the excellent work. It is very much appreciated. And if you are looking for ideas for future events, we would like to mention that it has been far too long — since the ’70s — since the College has hosted a presidential debate. Dare we dream?


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