Getting mad about reefer madness

Amid much hubbub, the Student Assembly senate unanimously passed the Medical Amnesty Abstention Act which extended medical amnesty (currently applied to alcohol) to all drugs — with the one caveat that the administration reserves the right to bring you up for a judicial violation if you are found to be distributing drugs.

I wrote “an opinion column”: about this bill, and apparently some senators thought I wasn’t in favor of it.

I am. I have huge problems with how the College treats marijuana and I find it ridiculous that the administration is willing to enact this policy and not willing to reform some of their other drug policies; however, this bill in and of itself is still good news. Ideally, the administration would be more lenient with non-lethal drugs before they start cutting us slack with drugs you can overdose on, but… I honestly have no idea.

Onto the hubbub: the Constitutionally Accountable Executive Act was vetoed by the graduate council. Sen. Brittany Fallon ’11 will be your new secretary and Sen. Ben Brown ’11 will be your new senate chairman.

For some reason senators brought friends who had various uninteresting concerns to voice.

Thankfully, it is too late to add a fee to next year’s tuition so the College Readership Act is now null and void. This may only be a brief reprieve, though; in the next few weeks the SA may attempt to fund the bill out of the Consolidated Reserve. I’m preparing for disappointment.


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