Gossip Girl: Surprise! Everyone is the same.

Dear “Gossip Girl” writers: I’m sorry, but am I back in the first season? How many times is Blair going to wallow in self pity or pretend to change and not? How many times will Chuck sit and brood over Blair without ever doing anything, while Nate has Blair but doesn’t really want her? And how many times will Lily prove to us that she actually is the worst parent in the world? I understand Lily and Serena don’t have the best relationship in the world — but first Lily accuses Serena of sliding back into her old wild ways, “forgets” to mention she was accepted into Brown, and then pushes her daughter into the arms of a much older stranger? She readily agrees that Serena’s little trip to Spain, un-chaperoned and unplanned while school is in session, is an acceptable amount of freedom because Serena manages to buy her way into an Ivy League school.

Remember the time Chuck almost raped Jenny? While I am secretly glad this was finally addressed, the return to this story line from the pilot just enforced the disjointed and nostalgic feeling of the entire episode. The only redeeming quality of this reminder was Chuck’s humbled and chastised response. Each glimpse of his tortured soul makes me fall a little more in love with him, a fate I know I share with many of my female friends.

The only part of this week’s episode I thoroughly enjoyed was the reappearance of Blair’s stepfather, played by Wallace Shawn. His constant attempts to smooth over relations during the Waldorf-Rose seder dinner were hysterical, from his distress over Dan’s displacement of Elijah to his excitement over eating parsley.


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