The Cougar: Robbing the cradle

I’m starting to suspect “The Cougar” is just an elaborate ploy to see how long it will take someone to remember the term cougar was originally derogatory.

This week’s episode continued the dating reality show clichés. It was the Cougar’s 40th birthday and the guys all got her gifts (the cliché: the gift giving session was complete with some of the Cougar’s friends, including the gratuitous grimacing gay guy). As usual, one guy boasted about how awesome he is at gift giving right before the Cougar was too embarrassed by the double entendre in his card. I thought he’d get the cheek, but he got to stay another week.

Then came the bombshell.

Her oldest daughter is 23. W. T. F? I mean, they showed she had kids, but then tonight she reveals this. That means several of the guys are younger than that. Especially Travis, whom she seems to really be into, is 21.

I don’t like to be judgmental, but _seriously_, once you start popping out babies you should stop dating people born after that date. That’s just wrong.

Another surprise: The Cougar has a personality; she’s not just a modern dating joke. She said her daughter was born with a liver disorder, and she was given only 3 months to live. So the Cougar lobbied the state legislature for funding or something and won — she mumbled a lot and I’m not entirely sure what she did, but it sounded impressive. Good for you, Cougar; develop that personality!

Quote of the Night:

“When I first met John he told me he was a man among boys. And that really impressed me.”

Did it? Did it really? Because you’re on a show where you’re dating young men — in fact, in some cultures they would be considered boys. So stop it.


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